Below are our frequently asked questions. Should you have other concerns and inquiries, our yacht charter specialists will assist you. We know stressful planning for a travel itinerary is, so let us help you.

How many people can Naya accommodate?

Naya is a 46 feet Catamaran with 4 cabins for the guests. For day tours, we can accommodate up to 20 people. For on-board overnights, we can have 8 people. We also have the option to create an itinerary on the islands complete with lodging in tents or resorts. In that case, we can accommodate up to 14 people.

Where is the embarkment location? Is there a parking?

Naya is located in Laiya Batangas which is 3 hours away from Manila. Laiya is the perfect destination for day tours or long charters because of its convenient location between Palawan and Mindoro. Additionally, this province also has the closest access to the Visayas. There's a free parking a for day tours only in Laiya.

Can I have a different departure or arrival destination?

Yes, we can accommodate different arrival and departure destinations but only for multiple-day charters. Doing this allows us to create outstanding sailing itineraries within the Philippines. For instance, you can avail of our Batangas to Boracay, Batangas to Coron, or Batangas to El Nido vacation packages for an additional empty transfer fee to cover the duration when the boat is returning to Batangas.

Can the crew accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes, our crew and onboard chef constantly create every effort to accommodate all dietary requirements, ensuring that you stay fit and healthy throughout your journey.

Do we have to eat on board every day?

No, you are free to eat whenever and whatever you wish. To avoid over-provisioning by our crew, inform us of your food & beverage profile. You can also let us know should you only wish to eat breakfast or light lunches on board. We are guaranteed flexible and are willing to adjust to your preferences.

Can we cook on the boat?

Yes, you can cook pretty much anything you want on the boat. We don’t charge anything for corkage, so you can bring your own food and drinks. Moreover, you can use the equipped kitchen, pizza oven, Catamaran’s outdoor BBQ, and other cooking equipment and kitchenware. Our crew will be happy to assist you if you need a hand. 

Where can I sail to?

You can sail anywhere, as long as you have time. Most people underestimate the sailing time to reach a destination. Naya has an average speed of 5 knots. For instance, reaching Boracay with nice stops shall take 4 to 5 days.

How do you handle food allergies?

All known food allergies or intolerances should be documented in your Food & Beverage Profile. Knowing such information allows the chef to prepare meals properly. If you or any member of your charter party has a life-threatening food allergy, you need to let your crew know as soon as you board. It's better to be safe!

Will I have a transfer service to the yacht when I arrive?

Yes, we can arrange your transfer once you arrive. In that case, you should inform us immediately of your arrival. If you book with a travel agent, your agent should provide us with all the needed details about your arrival. Should you have a prior land stay, your travel agent should have arranged your transfer through the hotel you’re staying in. We only handle transfers to our yacht.

Is the cost of my transfer included in my charter rate?

Unfortunately, transfer costs are not included. However, we don’t charge for any transfer service to and from our vessel. At The Luxe Guide, we always ensure that our service providers create cost-worthy pricing for our clients.

What if I want to arrange my own transfer to the vessel?

You are free to do so. A week before your embarkation, our team will provide you with a “Welcome Aboard” package containing all relevant information about your charter (your yacht’s location, captain’s contact details, in-country support, and more). We also do not charge extra fees for arranging your transfers. Additionally, all our drivers are registered and tested, guaranteeing safety and convenience.

Are there toiletries on board?

Yes, Naya is equipped with basic toiletries you might need for the trip. However, if you have a specific brand you use, we recommend bringing them along with you. 

What is the onboard electrical system?

The electrical system on Naya is 220V with a 2 flat prong system, but we have adapters purchased for you on board. Most devices, such as smartphones, iPads, and other electrical devices, can be powered by a simple USB adapter, and no converter is required.

Is there a hairdryer on board?

As of now, we do not have enough power to support hairdryers. We also do not allow our guests to bring and plug their dryers.

Do you provide Linens and towels?

We do provide linens and towels, but you need to bring your own beach towels.

is Naya Pet Friendly

We can accept small dogs under 3kg with diapers for day tours. 

Can we embark/disembark in different location?

Yes you can. However, there's a delivery fee, minimum of 20,000php. Price may vary depending on the location.